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Sinatrader is looking for international partnership with US$ 1 mil investment to operate on biofuel

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We are proud to offer the following brazilian produts for exportation:

500 million liters of Biodiesel to trade abroad

Sinatrader develop international relationship with abroad countries, institutions, private companies worldwide, in order to trade, negotiate Biofuel, ethanol, biodiesel, subproducts, and equipments related on the market.

Biodiesel and Crude Glicerin Offer

We have worked hard with the objective to increase Brazilian Export/Import Trade. Which means increase the participation in the world globalization, creating jobs and good health of our population. The country has good resourses and international industrialization level but needs to increase technology, principally on education. 


       Northeast Trade Agreement Supply

Sinatrader has created new partnership in order to trade Northeast Products.  Among several products as Fresh Fruits - Mnagoes, Papaya, Melon, Meats like Bovine, Chikens, Goat, Sugar Refined, Polished Granite Slabs among others.  

      Brazilian Territory Goods Distribution

It follows some of good options  for Goods Distribuition in the brazilian territory. An strategic new sistem were created, among 8 Special Terminal, called EADIS and Brazilian Official Courier. The benefits were several; Goods were keeped on Bonded Warehouse, low custs, nationalization only after the product been sold on Internet, possibility to delievery of one unit.  


                International Partners

We are looking for International buyer to make make Joint Venture and invest on operations of Brazilian Foreign Trade Business. 

Available Projects of Granite Extraction, Brazilian Electronics Selling Business, Agriculture and Fruit, including  Sugar Trade, Cosmetic.   





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This site has the intention to create Business Opportunity, partner cooperation on:

 New Partership


 Agencom Brazil - Maritime owns an agency network in certain Brazilian ports, namely São Luis, Santos, Belem, Itajai, Porto Alegre and Rio Grande, Belém, Rio de Janeiro and we also have sub-agencies in various other Brazilian ports. I will inform you who are our subagents in Brazil.



Brazilian Export, Import, logistic operation, shipping brokerage, customer clearance,  investment, brazilian economic analysis and business prospection, Sao Paulo assistance and International Trading are our main activity.


STEEL TUBES & BARS, supplier to Brazil. One of the largest chinese manufacture of siderugic products, ISO 9001. 

Sell your line of products in SAO PAULO CITY

The third city in The World, inhabitant about 27 million of people, Brazil has about 175 million. The  connected states which are included  Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais, Parana, Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul.  These states are the mainly industrialized states in Brazil.  

We are pleased to comunicate our new partner with the traditional brazilian food, and food stuff manufacture. 150 itnes is available to trade.  The plant produces, Pasta, Spaguetti, sweet, jellis, and mainly Guava Puree for juices.

List of offer products


No matter how it is produced - from biomass or petrochemical and carbochemical processes - ethanol is a fuel that releases significant amounts of heat as it burned. Nevertheless, sugar cane ethanol is quite different from conventional fuels, derived from petroleum. The main difference is in the high oxygen content, which represents 35% of the mass of ethanol. We offer brazilian anhydrous, ethyl alcohol, the Ethanol Anhydrous. Full bulk tank vessel offer.




Trader in Company, compreende atuação dentro da compania,  potencial exportador. Trabalhando efetivamente em ações de Marketing Internacional, Viagens, Prospcção de Mercados, Adquação de empresas, Controle Operacional. Constituição de Depto. 

Preparar a empresa. Efetuar o registro de exportador na Secretaria de Comércio Exterior do Ministério do Desenvolvimento, Indústria e Comércio Exterior (MIDC) ou na Delegacia da Receita Federal mais próxima, Radar, Siscomex.

2º passo
Selecionar um canal para a exportação dos produtos. Caso a exportação não seja direta, a empresa poderá utilizar consórcios de exportação, tradings companies, agentes de comércio exterior, empresas comerciais exportadoras etc. ....

Duvidas Sobre Consórcios de Exportação


Temos a prazer em comunicar nossa parceria estratégica junto a produtores do Nordeste Brasileiro, no sentido de fomentar a venda para Exportação  de produtos desta ampla região brasileira.  Portanto estamos trabalhando na identificação de compradores internacionais para varios produtos,  sisal,  frutas frescas, carnes bovina, caprina, aves, açúcar entre outros.    

Sustainble Bio Brazil



A atuando com parceiros estratégicos para operações  nos regimes FUNDAP. 

Regime especial concedido pelo Governo do Estado do Espirito Santo.  


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